My name is Natalie Beyer.

I’m a marketer and visual designer living in Northern Virginia.

“To say Clavin is a character would not only be an understatement, but a vast underestimate of her power. She is a woman of many tricks, both literally and figuratively. Clavin is an actress, singer, firebreather, belly dancer, and vaudeville aficionado. And now, she can add venue manager to that list with her newly founded co-op performance space called The Kettle.”

“Kennedy painstakingly set each link of the chainmail that binds together the outer layer. She made note to arrange each key according to color and shape, creating a lush surface of steel and brass, the varied textures reflecting light much as thick fur would.”

“If you feel a laid-back, friendly atmosphere when you enter Highmark, it’s because that approach is at the core of the brewery’s existence. All of the owners and operators here are childhood friends and family from Fredericksburg.”